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Linda Drake

Linda Drake, 35 minutes ago

There are still a few vouchers for tickets available for the girls substate game against Marion, which is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday evening. Tickets are $7 at the door, but you must have a voucher to purchase a ticket. Please contact Principal Alberto Carrillo or AD Alex Weiss at 620.273.6354 tomorrow to get a voucher.

Glenna Grinstead

Glenna Grinstead, about 1 hour ago

HS Girls Basketball FAN UPDATE:

Tuesday, March 2 @ Home vs Marion 7 pm: Substate round 1. Masks required. Social distancing by household required. Admission is $7.

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Linda Drake

Linda Drake, about 3 hours ago

HS boys basketball team advances to semifinals after beating Marion, 57-41.

Glenna Grinstead

Glenna Grinstead, about 6 hours ago

HS Boys Basketball FAN UPDATE:

Substate at Home 7 pm. Admission is $7. Masks must be worn. You MUST social distance by household.

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