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Kansas Communities that Care

Kansas Communities that Care - Administered to Grades 6, 8, 10, and 12 only -

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THIS STUDY? With the movement towards accountability at all levels, having high quality youth data is critical for school districts, community, county, and regional organizations, as well as state agencies. KCTC data is used across multiple state agencies, including the Behavioral Health Services Commission, Kansas State Department of Education, and Juvenile Justice Authority. Frequent and consistent participation is critical to establishing reliable trend data over time.

WHY IS THIS STUDY IMPORTANT? The KCTC student survey provides schools with data. This data is used to help districts gauge what is working and what needs work within their schools. Districts can then look into different programs to address weaknesses or enhance strengths. Districts can also use the data when seeking funding for programming. There are many community organizations (e.g., United Way, Big Brothers/ Big Sisters, Boys & Girls Clubs, Kansas Children’s Service League, Communities in Schools, Juvenile Services, and community coalitions) counting on annual survey data to apply for grant funding for student and community prevention programming that will benefit students.

Organizations: Greenbush and Kansas Department of Aging and Disabilities


We analyze and use this data to determine what additional supports we might want to consider providing during and/or in addition to classroom instruction to support students as they continually grow and develop their social, emotional, and behavioral skills.

MySAEBRS self-evaluation - A copy of the mySAEBRS questions

MySAEBRS - MySAEBRS is a Social, Academics, and Emotional Behavior Risk screener. This informative sheet provides an explanation of the test items and administration as well as common uses and applications of the mySAEBRS data. This link provides information on what is social-emotional behavior and how this impacts academic success.

MySAEBRS Comprehensive Assessment Schedules - Explanation of the assessment schedule

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