Chase County interacts with music in several different ways, there are music lovers everywhere. Music instructor Lynley Remy teaches piano class, junior high band, high school band, junior high music, high school choir, and high school Voices, a select music group. 

Remy originally did not plan on teaching music. She graduated with a college degree in elementary education, but found the music teacher position and applied to Cottonwood Falls Grade School at the time. 

“About 15 years ago, I went back to school and got my certification so I could teach junior high and high school,” Remy said. “Best decision I ever made. I have loved teaching music but teaching at the junior-senior high level and teaching both band and choir has been the best!”

One student who plays the piano, sings, and is in band, has loved music for years. Nora Budke, a junior, has been involved in singing and playing since she was in third grade. 

“When Mrs. Remy announced that she would be having piano as a music class option, I was super excited about it. I love playing the piano because you get to make music with just your hands and an instrument,” Budke said. “Playing boosts my mood and makes everything else disappear. Having piano class this year helped me a lot. It was nice to have a little break throughout each day to just sit down and focus on something that I loved for an hour.”

Because of COVID-19, music activities have been difficult to keep intact. Voices has suffered and lost members because of the pandemic, however there is a group of kids who willingly participate in an outside Voices “club”. 

“I think that because we couldn’t have normal Voices at the beginning of the year we were all missing it a lot and so making it happen this year was a way for us to get back to doing what we loved,” junior Abbey Vega said.

Vega is a part of the Voices club. She plays the piano, but she’s an avid singer who expresses herself through singing and music.

“I think I’ve always really liked music but when I was about 12,  I started to think about going into a career in the music industry,” Vega said. “Charlie Puth was actually a big reason why I really started to believe that I could pursue a music career. In a few of his interviews he talked about how he was just a normal guy living his dream.”

Junior Cassie Herron practices notes on the piano during music class. Playing on an iPad helps keep the students safe since they aren’t sharing a bunch of instruments that everyone has already touched.

Daysha Knowles, sophomore, studies for her classes and listens to music to help her focus. Headphones help block out other noise so that she does not have any distractions.

Learning by listening to informative music is a great way for junior Ian Wilson to have fun and stay engaged during class. He loves music, which makes it a great resource for teaching.

Junior High band class may look a little different but the students are still able to get in their practice. Seventh grader Bryson Koch plays the trombone during his band practice.

Piano lessons are provided to students by the music instructor. Sophomore Mayah Dorsey is one of the students who takes advantage of these lessons during the school day. She is learning a song for the music concert in May.

Listening to music helps students like sophomore Payden Jahnke focus on their work. This music also motivates them to get their school work done.

Junior Sierra Johnson is taking piano lessons from the music instructor. She is learning a song to play at the music concert in May.

Britney Schroer, senior, plays music every day for her weights class to work out to. Music helps them stay pumped for their workout.