Music fills the air in the town of Chase County, with student musicians, blaring stereos and strong music traditions. 

“I see music being used around the school in a variety of ways. I think that most, if not all of my fellow students at CCJSHS listen to music regularly on their phones. I hope that no one in this community is deprived of music, that would be too sad. We listen to music in our personal study time, with our friends during weekend escapades, and even during certain classes. Our school band provides some musical entertainment during the sporting season, which our community seems to enjoy and appreciate very much,” senior Aiden Shaw said. 

Music has shaped the community to how it is today. For example, the Symphony in the Flint Hills brings in thousands of people from all over the country. 

“The Symphony brings our community together. We all sit together and enjoy the live performances. I think it is a good way for people to interact with each other. Church is another place that involves music that brings people together. Everyone can worship together and express their love in song,” sophomore Emily Miser said. 

Music is culture, and to the community, it is a way of life. It would be hard to believe anyone driving to work or school in a silent vehicle. Listening to music passes the time and fills the quiet spaces. 

“Something I love so much about music is definitely how versatile it is. For example, I could be working on homework and need some sort of music that's not very loud and more of a calming/soothing type melody,” sophomore Ashlee Williams said. “But compared to when I'm working out I need some sort of music that has more of a prominent beat that can keep me motivated throughout my entire workout.” 

With a large variety of music choices, it may be hard to pick a favorite. Overall, no matter what people like or dislike, there is always something for others to enjoy and listen to. 

“I enjoy music because there is a cascade of emotions that accompany a good song. If you are happy, there’s a song for that. If you’re sad, there’s a song for that,” Shaw said. “Every emotion that is known to us is expressed somewhere in music, and feeling that common humanity with another person is a deeply affirming and enjoyable experience.” 

Junior Alexus Hatcher works on her homework while listening to music. Students often listen to their music through their headphones while doing their school work. “I listen to music while I do my school work because it helps me focus and keep from getting distracted,” Hatcher said. 

While working on her sketch for her sculpture class, junior Trenna Dold listens to music through her AirPods. One way students listen to music is through their AirPods during the day. “I like using AirPods because I can move around the classroom and still listen to music without having to have my phone right next to my side,” Dold said. 

During her Business Communications class, sophomore Alexis DeLong works on her script while listening to music through YouTube. Throughout the school, students use all sorts of apps to listen to their music such as Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, YouTube and so much more. “I mainly use the app Spotify,” Delong said. “I like that you can create multiple playlists with all kinds of music you enjoy.”

In her choir class, eighth grader Makayla Matile sings “Battle of New Orleans”. Many students take a choir or band class during the day but due to COVID guidelines, classes have changed. “Singing now has changed because we have to wear a mask sometimes so it is harder to hear each other when we’re singing,” Matile said.

Junior Dakota Goza listens to YouTube while doing his work for Business Communications. Teachers allow students to listen to music while they work to ensure a quiet and focused classroom. “Being able to listen to music as I work keeps me from getting distracted,” Goza said. “I also work better and quicker with music playing in the background.”

Sophomore Cal Kohlmeier is working on his sculpture while he listens to his music. Throughout the school, there are many different genres that are listened to. “I like to listen to country or classic rock majority of the time,” Kohlmeier said. 

Free periods allow junior Ainsley Grant to listen to her music so she can relax. Teachers don’t mind when students listen to their own music during their free time. “I like listening to music during my free time because it makes me stop thinking about the stuff that stressed me out,” Grant said.