With graduation right around the corner, seniors find these last few days of school very hectic and stressful.

“Planning for graduation and college is stressful and exciting at the same time. I have been planning and getting all the necessities for both graduation and college. My parents have definitely helped out a lot and I’m very excited to move forward with my life,” senior Brylee Potter said.

Preparing for college can even be more difficult if they do not know what college they are going to go to, or if they're even going to go to college.

“To prepare for college I am figuring out what I want to do at college. I need to figure out what programs I would like to go into and even figure out where I would like to go to college. I don’t want to make the wrong choice so I am being very picky,” senior Brock Lauer said.

Receiving their caps and gowns in mid-April made the idea of Graduation even more real after months of just thinking about finishing their high school year.

“I was thinking about how close I was to being done. I felt super excited and impatient for graduation to come,” senior Owen Eidman said.

Due to COVID concerns, this year’s ceremony will be a little different than in the past and even how the Class of 2020 celebrated their graduation.

“For graduation, we are giving each graduate 20 guest tickets whereas last year we only gave 10.  There will be a stage on the gym floor to allow us to use all the bleachers for guest seating,” Principal Alberto Carrillo said.

On May 5, seniors will be going on a senior trip, which is something that is out of the ordinary. Since the seniors did not have the opportunity to host a prom last year, the class has been allowed to use that money for this trip.

“We decided on going to go eat at Chicken N Pickle and then head to go to a trampoline park. I’ve never eaten at Chicken and Pickle so that’s going to be something new. Going to a big city should also be fun,” senior Ivy Francis said.

Although students will be glad to get out of school on May 6, they also won’t see their friends and teachers on a daily basis, including classmates that they have seen every day for 12 years. Many will miss the various school activities as well.

“I really will only miss the teachers and seeing my friends every day. We have all grown up together so it will be weird not seeing them every day. And the teachers are so great here and do a great job of personally knowing each student. But I am more than excited for college,” senior Britney Schroer said.