To have enough time to do everything they want, Spanish Club members, unlike other clubs, have their meetings in the evenings for around an hour or so because their activities will not work during the school day. 

“I look forward to the Spanish Club in the evenings. I think it is a really good time to have that club! We enjoy great food and play games so it is a fun club to look forward to after sports!” sophomore Piper Vogel said.   

Spanish Club, sponsored by Spanish teacher Linda Drake, is an organization in which students who are either enrolled in a Spanish class or have had at least one year of the language can join to do fun activities, eat delicious food made by Drake and to learn more Spanish.

“I like that there’s food offered at the Spanish Club meetings because personally it helps me know more about their culture, instead of just Spanish words and games we get to actually eat the food that they eat,” senior Abby Jones said. 

Several students have even decided to step up for the leadership rule. 

“Some responsibilities that come with being Spanish Club president are being able to talk in front of the entire club, you need to be able to tell them when food is ready, what the games are, how much money we have in our account, and to be able to plan certain things well,” junior Kinzie Rogers said. 

Junior Colin Monihen, as the event planner, has the responsibility to make sure he selects an appropriate activity, knows the rules well enough to explain to the other members and to be a good leader. 

“Some of the responsibilities I have as the activities director is to find fun and creative ways to remember the vocabulary we have learned,” Monihen said. 

 “My favorite memory in Spanish Club was at my very first meeting, we played ‘Pato, Pato Ganso’ and everyone was sliding everywhere because they were wearing socks!”said  freshman Reace Harshman, who is currently enrolled in Spanish I.

Sophomore Kadence Gerber gets food at Spanish club. Photo by Linda Drake

Sophomore Carys Price plays bing with Spanish words. Photo by Abby Jones