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Seventh grader Bella Murphy has done the impossible, becoming an entrepreneur in grade school. Starting her own business, Bella’s Creations, Murphy has already begun to learn the skills needed in the modern business world.

Murphy has started a small store called Bella’s Creations, using the experience she learned from fourth grade. 

“I started in fourth grade for Bulldog Creations. Then I decided to start Bella’s Creations, and the profits I made from my first sales I donated to help a family in need for Christmas,” said Murphy.

She then started to get inspiration from Pinterest for her projects. She then used chalk paste and transfers to put the design on the project. Murphy and her parents went to antique stores and got items to add to her transfers: a stencil that is put on a project. 

She also took many orders for different people for designs, and has sold hundreds of items. When she makes mistakes or something she doesn’t like, she either gives it to her family or keeps it as room decorations.

“If I mess up on a chalkboard, I can wipe off the paste and re-do it. On other surfaces I can sometimes wipe off the paste, and other times I can’t so I have to throw it away. If it is a little mistake though I can just use it for our house,” Murphy said.

A hot cocoa sign made by Bella Murphy. Curtsy of Bella Murphy

Reindeer designed and made by Bella Murphy. Photo by Bella Murphy